• One thing that's for sure is we are ALL capable of being and achieving more than we believe possible. The sad truth is that most people never do anything about it and pass through this life achieving at best mediocrity Having previously experienced personal transformation and now helped thousands of people achieve great things myself, this book, "THE Book on Personal Transformation" by Peter Green, really resonated with me. Peter draws on his experience, research and knowledge to inspire, cajole, guide and coach you through his excellent process for change and personal reinvention. I urge you read this book and follow his guidance with commitment and courage, I'm sure you will be delighted with the successful new you that emerges. A quotation that Peter uses sums it up "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself" - George Bernard Shaw


    Raymond Aaron
    NY Times Best Selling Author - www.UltimateAuthorBootcamp.com

  • At last.... A book that makes you WANT to take action. From the first page to the last, Peter challenges you to become a better "you" by being better informed, establishing what is true about you (rather than believing our assumptions?), and by taking consistent positive action. A gem of a read, and a total game changer from a genuine and passionate author. David Hyner


    David Hyner
    International Professional Speaker - www.davidhyner.com

  • Peter has written a thought provoking and empowering book. "THE Book on Personal Transformation" He has taken what can be a complex, daunting and sometimes mystifying subject and broken it down into realistic, easy to follow, no nonsense steps. Whether you just want to tweak something or make a complete change this excellent book is for you, I highly recommend it.


    Hannah Jones
    Leader of Learning - www.BlueKiteCoach.com